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·         …is a Legal Consultancy specializing in Contract, Commercial and Corporate, Copyright & IP/IT, Employment, and Taxation (including, of course, IR35)


·         …has been providing services in relation to Advice, Drafting, Negotiation, Disputes and Compliance since 1994


·         …offers service which is fast, personal, and seeks to deliver value for money


·         …focuses particularly on the issues affecting Individuals and Companies providing or engaging services


·         …is able to offer the growing company all the benefits of an In-House Legal Service, without committed fixed cost


·         …deals particularly with

·       Contractors & Freelancers

·       Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Consultancies & Joint Ventures

·       Umbrellas & Management companies

·       Employment Agencies / Employment businesses

·       Accountants (& their clients).

Core Business Philosophy:


The core of our business philosophy is to help our Clients to achieve their objectives and aspirations, by establishing mutual respect, trust and confidence between us and our clients on a one-to-one basis.  Our objective is to deal with our Clients in the way in which we would wish to be dealt with ourselves, were roles reversed.


For Mission Statement, Overview, and What some of our clients have said, read on below;  or just go to main Welcome / What We Do page.

Mission statement:



·       to provide tailored and sustainable legal solutions by being a partner in business while mitigating potential legal and reputational risks


·       to provide legal advice that is prompt, accurate, delivered in an efficient and pleasant way, and hopefully doesn’t interfere with our clients doing what they planned to do anyway




For Overview and What some of our clients have said, read on below;  or just go to main Welcome / What We Do page.


An Overview:


Roger Sinclair has operated as an independent legal consultant since 1994, specialising exclusively in the fields serviced by egos®. Prior to this, he spent 18 years in practice as a solicitor.


Dedicated to offering a wholly personal and expert service, delivered promptly and efficiently, we do our best to offer value for money. 


We have a breadth of experience and deep understanding of the real world legal and commercial issues faced by those who constitute our core client base, which we believe places  us in an unrivalled position to offer the best and most relevant legal service to our Clients. 


Affiliate member of ipse – The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed.


For What some of our clients have said, read on below;  or just go to main Welcome / What We Do page.

What some of our clients have said:


‘I appreciate all of your help. You have been our sole rock in the process’ – MT November 2016


Virtually all your changes were adopted.  I am astonished the degree they rolled over.  I will get every contract reviewed by you in future and will recommend you to colleagues.’ – MP October 2016


Actually much cheaper than I was thank you for that but still hoping you make good as you have helped me tremendously and deserve all you can get.’ – JC July 2016


I've paid your invoice.  Thanks for all your help with this, I will be recommending Egos to all my contractor contacts!’ – MB July 2016


‘…we have finally signed our set of Agreements with xxxx. Just wanted to thank you for your support. Sincerely appreciated from all angles. A true pleasure working with you.’ – CP May 2016


Thank you again … This has been tough but you have been very clear and efficient in your support and advice, and I am very pleased with the outcome. … I feel I have found in you one of a rare breed … more interested in justice and backing the little guy against the bullying corporation than the amount you can invoice for. I appreciate your generous discounting.’ – MS January 2016


Can I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help this year. Its been an amazing year for the company and you have helped me cope with all the legalities of the investment rounds, the customer contracts and so on. You've genuinely made a difference, especially when Xxxx let us down so badly. The last round in particular has been a very smooth process.’ – WL December 2015


‘…Many thanks as always for the fantastic service.’ – GM September 2015


‘Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent and reassuring advice you have provided. Although I’ve previously never doubted for a second that I operate ‘outside’ IR35, HMRC’s campaign of fear makes one doubt oneself. I cannot overstate how valuable and timely your advice has been at what is a worrying time.’ – RM Aug 2015


That is a mighty letter! I was shaking reading it.’ (on reading a letter I had drafted to try and resolve a dispute) – FC Dec 2014


‘If there’s a useful way that I could publicise my good experience with your work/service, just say.’ – AS., October 2014


I do hugely appreciate the help and all the advice you give. I am no natural in this area and would be a rabbit stuck in the headlights without your guidance.’ – EH. September 2014


Many thanks for your effective help with this. After receipt of the mail with your wording, the agency didn’t argue with the content and paid out in full the due amount. It’s good to know that quality help is out there.  When I obtain my next contract, I’ll get in touch before I sign. Thanks again.’ – SM, July 2014


'May I say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from N, S and me for your responsiveness, patience and clarity over the whole thing?’ – NT, February 2011


‘Thank you very much for the work with the contract. It is currently being looked at by [the agency] ... Overall I have been very impressed with your service and would certainly recommend you to others in the industry.’ – RS, March 2008


‘Frankly I am amazed. They seem to have accepted everything…Thank you so much for your help in the darkest hours of the negotiation. I couldn't have done it without you.’ – OT, April 2005


‘I really do appreciate all the help you provide, as it is not just legal help but also sound business advice!!’ – AP, July 2003


NB All of the above comments were unsolicited.


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